Elise Goodhoofd, CEO
Elise is the main designer and the creative brain. She graduated from Seneca@York’s Graphic Design program in 2004. She has worked for design agencies in both Toronto and Ottawa. Her strength has always been logo concepts and event graphics. Branching out on her own, over two years ago, has shown Elise what she is capable of doing once she sets a goal. Highlights in her recent career have included video blogging from the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games and promoting a board game across Canada in a purple RV. Although educated in graphic design, Elise has also taken additional courses in film and video editing. She encourages you to approach her with a challenge, whether it’s a design question, a project for your business, or to see who can eat the most chicken wings.

Wes Goodhoofd, B.Eng
Wes is the lead developer with creative-e, and also her much taller younger brother. He graduated from Ryerson University with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. That interest in machines means that when he’s not buried in PHP, Javascript, Objective-C, Python or Arduino programming, he’ll be found in his 2010 Golf or 2006 Four Winns 180 Horizon. When not at his desk, he’ll get some exercise by playing ice hockey 3 nights a week or mountain biking through the wilderness of Gatineau Park. After that he’ll sit down to watch an episode of Top Gear, Breaking Bad or Community and put some more steak on the barbecue. Sometimes that steak becomes a pizza with pepperoni, mushrooms and bacon, but that’s a rarity.